When did “Terragon” start?

Terragon started in the year of 1993 as a name for the production of electronic music with some friends after school. In these days the music was then published on audio cassette

1995 the first online-version of “terragon” started as a simple HTML-based website on a subdomain hoster. 1996 we started with the domain terragon.de. At the same time we started some other websites and saved some domains.

1997 more multimedia elements came into focus. There was simple 3DModelling, video postproduction and some basics in php (without MySQL).

2001 all of these hobbys became a bit more professional by adding MySQL to realise some databased applications for university and private use.

2003 terragon came back to its roots by supporting the rapper “OKCrew” from Bremen/Germany with some sample-based music (no midi).

Since 2009 terragon is realising many smaller projects and creates tutorials for other hobby-artists around the world in english language.

The Pharao and his Pyramid (Terragon Production 1994)

Produced with Wavelab on analogue cassette at the age of 13